Presented by Craig Esvelt – Elder Pastor

Romans 1:1-4 A New Beginning

Romans 1:2-3 The Incomparable Song

Romans 1:1-7 Our High Calling

Romans 1:8-15 Lessons in Prayer

Romans 1:11-15 Trust and Obligation

Romans 1:13-17 Walking by Faith

Romans 1:13-20 What Really Ticks God Off

Romans 1:18-23 Untitled

Romans 1:18-20 Sermon Series Continuation

Romans 1:28-32 The Reason for What’s Wrong with the World

Romans 2:1-5 Fruit Inspection Part 1

Romans 2:6-11 Fruit Inspection Part 2

Romans 2:17-29 The Privileges and Pitfalls of God’s Favored

Romans 3:1-8 Arguing with God: A Pointless Exercise

Romans 3:9-20 Good, Perhaps, but Never Good Enough

Romans 3:21-31 A “New” Way of Connecting with God

Romans 4:1-8 Two Undeserving Heroes

Romans 4:1-19 Grace Alone

Romans 4:18-25 The Nature of Genuine Faith

Romans 5:1-5 Blessings of the Justified

Romans 5:3-5 The Refiner’s Fire

Romans 5:6-11 A Love Beyond Comparison

Romans 5:12-21 How Christ has made an Opportunity to be Made Right With God

Romans 6:1-14 Dead to Sin but Alive to God

Romans 6:15-23 Benefits we Gain by the Resurrection

Romans 7:1-12 Freedom from the Law

Romans 7:14-25 Victory in Jesus

Romans 8:1-11 Set Free, Led by the Spirit

Romans 8:12-25 Adopted in to Royalty

Romans 8:18-25 Present Groaning, Future Glory

Romans 8:31-39 More than Conquerors

Romans 9:1-13 Children by a Promise

Romans 9:19-29 Clay in the Hands of a Potter

Romans 10:14-21 A Universal Call

Romans 11:1-16 The Promise Keeper, Part 1

Romans 11:16-32 The Promise Keeper, Part 2

Romans 11:33-36 To God be the Glory

Romans 12:1 Reasonable Worship

Romans 12:2 My Mind is Not My Own; I have a Mind to Renew

Romans 12:3-8 My Gift is Not My Own; I have a Gift to Share in the Church

Romans 12:9-16 My Response to Others is Not My Own; I have Love to be Expressed

Romans 13:1-7 My Rights are Not My Own; I have Authorities to Submit To

Romans 13:8-14 My Time is Not My Own; I have No Time to Waste

Romans 14:11-12 I have a Unity to Uphold; I will Not Look Down on Others

Romans 14:13-23 I have a Unity to Uphold: I will Not be a Stumbling Block to Others

Romans 15:1-13 I have a Unity to Uphold: I will Seek to Encourage Others

Romans 15:14-21 My Life is Not My Own; I have a High Calling

Romans 15:18-33 My Plans are Not My Own; My Lord Directs My Steps

Romans 16:1-20 I am Not Alone; I’m Part of a Family

Romans 16:25-27 A Traditional Ending, and a New Beginning