Christian Apologetics

Apologetics (from the Greek word “apologia,” pronounced “ap-ol-og-ee’-ah”) means a “verbal defense”.
This is the theological or religious discipline of defending beliefs and doctrines through the
systematic use of information. Early Christian writers (c. 120–220) who defended their beliefs
against critics and recommended their faith to outsiders were called apologists.

This 13 week series gives a general outline of the Apologetics from a Biblical viewpoint.

Presented by Craig Esvelt – Elder Paster

  1. An Introduction to Christian Apologetics (Lesson 1)
  2. Existence of God In an Age of Reason (Lesson 2)
  3. Existence of God In a New Age of Experience (Lesson 3)
  4. The Reliability of the Bible (Lesson 4)
  5. The Formation of the Bible (Lesson 5)   (audio unavailable due to technical issues)
  6. Difficult Issues – Part I (Lesson 6)
  7. Difficult Issues – Part II (Lesson 7)
  8. Uniqueness of Jesus Christ (Lesson 8)
  9. Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Lesson 9)
  10. Biblical Faith Modern Science (Lesson 10)
  11. Biblical Faith – Modern Science origins (Lesson 11)
  12. Biblical Faith – Modern Science fossils (Lesson 12)
  13. Biblical Faith – Modern Science dinosaurs – deluge (Lesson 13)