We are one of many churches in our community that strives to be faithful to God’s Word as it pertains to faith and practice.  As an outcome of this understanding, we purpose to raise up disciples of Jesus Christ, focusing our activities around the five purposes of the church and our specific vision statements for each purpose.

  • WORSHIP – We purpose to glorify Jesus Christ as the foundation and center of all that we are and do, joyfully giving devotion and ultimate worth to Him.
  • FELLOWSHIP – We purpose to grow in our commitment toward one another, loving one another as Jesus loves.
  • DISCIPLESHIP – We purpose to affirm every person’s need for spiritual growth, equipping them to become more like Jesus.
  • MINISTRY – We purpose to value and utilize each person’s unique skills and gifts, demonstrating the love of Christ in meeting needs both inside and outside the Church.
  • EVANGELISM – We purpose to be ambassadors of Jesus Christ, proclaiming within our neighborhoods and beyond, who He is and what He did.

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 What to Expect

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